I don’t believe in curses, but was shocked by reading the Wikipedia entry about the unusual deaths of more than a dozen members of the Kennedy family over the last 80 years — including the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and his brother, presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy.

But none of it scares me more than the latter’s son announcing this week he’s running for president as an independent. Like his relatives, he’d been a lifelong Democrat, but recognized there was no chance he’d beat President Joe Biden for the nomination. Thus, he’s going the third-party route.

He’ll still have no chance to beat Biden, but Kennedy could be the spoiler who tilts the election to Trump (assuming the GOP re-nominates its Dear Leader despite 91 felony indictments). That explains why Kennedy has drawn so much financial support from wealthy conservative contributors who see the same possibility. They’re not putting their thumbs on the scale — they’re using their checkbooks. That’s why Junior’s four siblings publicly denounced their brother’s decision Sunday, calling it “perilous to our country.”

Tessa Stuart wrote a piece for Rolling Stone about some of the attendees at the Kennedy rally in Philadelphia where he announced his independent run last weekend. A few samples from some very shallow thinkers:

Linsey Hurley first began paying attention to Kennedy during the pandemic too. “He was making a lot of sense,” Hurley says. “When the vaccine rolled out and they said it was mRNA, I just knew. I avoid GMO foods. Why would I want a GMO injection?”

In other words, she doesn’t understand science or believe scientists, but buys into Kennedy’s conspiracy theories. So does this nitwit:

Bennett Weiss, the button merchant, was a Bernie Sanders supporter in 2016 and 2020. For that reason, he says, he wouldn’t have dreamed of supporting Kennedy if he had stayed running as a Democrat. “There wasn’t a chance in the world they would let him [win]. They rigged it against Bernie twice. [Kennedy] had even less of a chance.”

This moron may be the worst of all:

Bud McClure is a retired college professor who splits his time between Minnesota and Florida. He voted for Biden in 2020, but these days he says, “I don’t see any difference” between the president and his predecessor.

Frankly, if you don’t see any difference between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, you must not cast a ballot. Instead, you must check into a psychiatric hospital until further notice.

In her piece, “The Shaming Of A Legacy,” Victoria Brownworth explains Kennedy is not just a spreader of anti-vaccine misinformation. He’s compared Dr. Anthony Fauci to Hitler, claimed HIV doesn’t cause AIDS, spewed homophobic and anti-trans garbage, and aligned with such lowlifes as Alex Jones and Jordan Peterson. It’s actually surprising Junior is not the leading Republican candidate for president not named Trump, since he sounds more like the extremists who make up that party.

Of course, you won’t find any of this mentioned on the RFK Jr. campaign website. There, he’s an environmental activist and master falconer. I bet there are Democrats who can think of two other words that start with the same letters.

Why did I begin this piece by mentioning how much death has been part of the Kennedy family legacy? Because RFK Jr., through his quarter-century of anti-vaccine hysteria, including frightening too many people into not getting vaccinated against COVID over the last three years, may have been responsible for more corpses than the so-called Kennedy Curse.

If his right-wing-funded presidential campaign convinces enough Biden supporters to vote for him instead, Junior will be responsible for one more death: democracy.