If Roy Moore is elected today, I predict there will quickly be calls for a boycott of Alabama akin to the one in North Carolina after that state’s bathroom law was passed. Of course, Alabama can’t lose a Super Bowl or MLB/NBA/NHL All-Star game, but businesses and tourists might stay away.

If he does pull off a victory, you can forget about the Republicans in the Senate throwing him out, as many of them publicly professed they would a few short weeks ago. No, they’ll keep him in there because our over-caffeinated president wants him there — and because that entire party is morally bankrupt.

While I’m on the topic, in case you missed it, how about this lead paragraph from a CNN story about Moore on Sunday:

Alabama Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore appeared on a conspiracy-driven radio show twice in 2011, where he told the hosts in an interview that getting rid of constitutional amendments after the Tenth Amendment would “eliminate many problems” in the way the US government is structured.

Let’s see, what came up in the amendments after the first ten that make up our Bill Of Rights? Since Moore was a sitting judge for many years, he probably knows that:

  • the 13th Amendment abolished slavery;
  • the 14th Amendment defined citizenship and guaranteed due process and equal protection;
  • the 15th Amendment prohibited denying the right to vote based on race;
  • the 19th Amendment prohibited denying the right to vote based on sex.

Do you get the feeling old white man Roy Moore thinks he’s living not in 2017, but in 1817?

Or, considering his extremist religious views, perhaps he just thinks it’s the year 17.

No, wait, that’s the age of the girls he lusted after in his thirties. Damn!