I can’t help but laugh at the politicians and political media who are acting shocked by the notion that people who donated money to The Clinton Foundation may have gotten access to Hillary when she was Secretary Of State, and perhaps even had a favor done for them.

Isn’t that exactly the problem across the spectrum of corruption on both sides of the aisle? The system we have now allows people (and corporations and lobbyists, etc.) to donate money to an incumbent’s campaign fund. Does anyone believe they don’t get something special in return? If you’re a member of Congress and are told by an aide that there are two people on hold, one a person from your district you’ve never met, and the other a campaign contributor who’s been a loyal financial supporter for years, which call are you going to take?

By the way, Donald Trump has admitted that this is exactly the reason he wrote large checks to Hillary and lots of other politicians (particularly at the local level). He knew it was the cost of doing business. He greased their palms knowing that when he needed help, they’d probably lean in his direction.

So, whether the pay-for-play allegations against Clinton when she was Secretary Of State are true or not, her political opponents and the pundit class must stop acting as shocked as Claude Rains was to find gambling going on in the “Casablanca” casino where he’s just won money.