I’m a big fan of Roy Zimmerman. As a song parodist, he’s a cross between Tom Lehrer and Mark Russell, writing clever, biting lyrics about topical issues. My family and I saw Roy perform at James Randi’s Amazing Meeting in Las Vegas in 2008, and I’ve subscribed to the videos on his YouTube channel ever since.

I loved this one from last year, when Joel Osteen refused to open the doors of his megachurch to help Houstonians whose lives were being ruined by the flooding from Hurricane Harvey:

Several months ago, Roy started an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds so he could produce a new album, “RiZe Up,” which includes many of his recent tunes and several new ones. I was happy to support him with a few bucks, and even happier when he sent me the finished product this week. Of course, there are a few about the president (“Sweeney Trump”), as well as gun violence (“Thoughts and Prayers”), the oppression of “Religious Freedom,” Dreamers, Jeff Sessions, and more.

You can buy your copy at Roy’s website, and check his touring schedule. If he’s coming to a town near you, go have some fun and a few laughs, and consider yourself part of the Roy-sistance.