I have been fascinated with the idea of a flying car since I was a kid, and have talked about the concept several times over the years on my radio show and this site.

The latest company to make news on the topic is Zee.Aero, a very secretive operation in Hollister, California, funded by Google co-founder Larry Page. If the picture at the top of the piece is correct, that’s not a flying car. It’s a small plane with vertical liftoff and landing capabilities. Others have trod this ground before.

My earliest post on this subject dates to May 27, 1999 when I wrote about Moller International’s Skycar. In 2007, I spoke with that company’s general manager Bruce Caulkins. In 2013, I spoke with Carl Deitrich, CEO of Terrafugia. All of them said they would have a flying car ready for consumers in “the next couple of years.”

I’m still waiting.

By the way, when I dream about a flying car, I’m completely selfish. I don’t envision the sky full of people commuting to work and cluttering the air space. I dream about me having a flying car, and no one else. You can stick to the roads, I’ll get there by air.