Yesterday, I wrote about the torture of paying for a movie and having to sit through 20 minutes of trailers and other on-screen nonsense before the feature started. But I left out one complaint that I was reminded of last night when I went to a screening of a romantic-comedy that I’ll review in the next few days.

The rom-com had a couple of quiet moments with nothing but dialogue between two people — yet that’s not all we heard. We also got the audio of the movie playing in the theater on the other side of the wall, a big-budget action flick with lots of noise and a loud soundtrack that overwhelmed our auditorium. It was like living in an apartment next to a neighbor with a hearing problem who turns the TV volume up enough to be heard in another zip code.

I’m surprised the theater company doesn’t sell that as a perk, a combo pack allowing you to watch one movie while listening to two!