It’s been awhile since I added a title to my Movies You Might Not Know list, but here’s one I just found over the weekend: “Cold Souls.”

It stars Paul Giammatti (always money-in-the-bank as far as I’m concerned) as Paul Giamatti, who is going through a funk while rehearsing Uncle Vanya for Broadway. A friend gives him a New Yorker article about a business that removes and stores your soul, and he decides that it’s his soul that’s weighing him down, so he goes to check it out. The business is run by David Straitharn (another actor incapable of giving a bad performance), who cajoles Giammatti into trying a soul-less life. Before long he’s entangled with a woman who acts as a soul mule, transporting them back and forth to Russia, where there’s an active black market in souls.

It all sounds very odd, and it is. But with a cast this watchable, and a story that’s almost as bizarre as “Being John Malkovich,” you’ll find yourself buying the “Cold Souls” premise and going along for the ride.

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