Just added to the Movies You Might Not Know list: “Interview,” with Steve Buscemi and Sienna Miller as a journalist and actress engaged in a one-on-one interview that starts off as a disaster and gets more complicated as it goes along. He considers himself far too serious to do a puff piece on a Paris Hilton-like starlet, and she’s disgusted by his lack of professionalism and complete lack of interest in her.

Buscemi, who co-wrote and directed (based on the original Dutch movie), is his usual solid self. The revelation here is that Miller has so many different notes and hits them all in what could have been simply a caricature of a tabloid target, but turns out to be so much more.

Interview” even has an element of “Sleuth,” with the two characters playing games with each other to uncover secrets, lies, and their own agendas. Very clever, very engaging, and a very apt companion piece to another movie on the list, “Living In Oblivion” (1995) which made some strong points about celebrity, moviemaking, and stardom, also with Buscemi in the lead role.