Now Dennis Miller has been given his own syndicated radio show.

It’s only natural, since he’s been so successful hosting a radio show at the local level — oh, wait, he hasn’t done that. He has no experience in creating three hours of radio five days a week. Here’s his broadcasting track record: several successful years doing a few minutes of Weekend Update on “SNL,” then a late-night TV talk/comedy show, then a failed cable news talk show, and a lot of stand-up comedy. Only in the latter instance was he solely responsible for creating content on a long-form basis, which is what radio hosts have to do every day.

There’s no denying Miller is a smart guy, but when will these people learn that you don’t hand a national platform to someone who has never done the job? Have they learned nothing from David Lee Roth?

As I said in an earlier column, radio is not a starter kit.