No one can explain the ongoing phenomenon of criminals on the run showing up in Las Vegas, the city with more surveillance cameras than just about anywhere else.

It certainly wasn’t enough to deter Paul Iannuzzi from showing up in Sin City last week, in violation of his bail. Iannuzzi, who’s facing child pornography charges in Rhode Island, was spotted in the crowd at “The Contender” finale in Vegas last week by two detectives who had worked on his case and were watching the show on NBC. Apparently, Iannuzzi doesn’t understand the concept of lying low, because he even spoke to a reporter for The Providence Journal about the boxing match.

The next night, Iannuzzi was back in Rhode Island, where the cops picked him up and busted him for violating the terms of his bail and various arrest-related charges, including assault, resisting arrest, and malicious damage to state property.