Conversation snippet overheard at the supermarket:

“I think it will be really important to watch Georgia tonight.”

“I think it will be really important to watch Netflix tonight.”

It seems like it’s taken us forever to get all the way to Election Day. It’s been so long that I barely remember when Marianne Williamson actually believed she had a shot at the Democratic nomination, let alone beating Trump.

A couple of days ago, a caravan of Trump voters clogged up and closed down a section of a highway in New Jersey and a bridge in New York, making a lot of noise and waving Trump flags. But why? I never understand this tactic, even when it’s undertaken by Black Lives Matter or other groups who take their protest marches out onto a highway and block traffic. How does that gain sympathy for your position or convince people to support your candidate? All you’ve accomplished is annoying a bunch of people, many of whom might even agree with you, but still have to get to their job or the day care center to pick up their kids or whatever. Then I remember that purposely pissing people off is the GOP’s entire brand strategy in the Trump era.

Besides, if the election goes the way I hope it will, that was their last chance.

I hope Steve Kornacki got a lot of sleep last night, so he’s rested and ready to spend a lot of hours at the big board explaining what’s really happening.

After a reporter asks a candidate who just voted the requisite question about how they feel they’ll do, I wish just once, someone would be honest and answer, “Well, the polls have me down by double digits, and even my own spouse didn’t vote for me, so I’ll probably spend most of tonight crying.”

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