Donald Trump is telling his supporters he’s going to be arrested tomorrow for charges related to his $130,000 payoff to Stormy Daniels — and has called upon them to protest to keep it from happening.

Of course, the last time he tried convincing gullible Americans to do something similar, a slew of them attacked the Capitol and delayed — but didn’t stop — the certification of Joe Biden as our president. I’m not sure how his supporters will put a halt to whatever’s going to go down tomorrow (if, in fact, that’s when it will take place).

From the beginning of his presidency through today, there have been many outraged people in the press and on social media who were sure that the latest outrageous thing Trump did would be the end of him. In the 2,250 days since, there have been no repercussions for the mayhem he has caused or the grifts his crime family pulled off. Remember the hashtag #LockUpTrump that began appearing in 2017? The full version would be #LockUpTrumpSometimeInTheNextDecade.

To all those who hate him and believe they’re going to see him perp-walked into a jail cell wearing handcuffs tomorrow; don’t count on it.

Even if it happens, he’ll make bail — though not with his own money, naturally. His sycophantic suckers will cough up whatever it takes to ensure Trump doesn’t spend a single evening in the slammer. After that, we’ll have to wait for the slow gears of the justice system to grind, which means even if he’s eventually convicted of a crime, he won’t do the time for years to come. I can’t predict the exact date, but I’d guess it will be well after the 2024 presidential election.

But I am curious about how you incarcerate a former president who is protected by the Secret Service. Do they accompany him to the Gray Bar Hotel?

Does he get to stay home at Mar-A-Lago with a tracking bracelet on his ankle? How would that qualify as punishment, other than keeping his ego from being fed at rallies attended by his mob of deniers and whackjobs? Do you take away his phone so he can’t call in to Sean Hannity’s show and spew more lies? Do you forbid him from posting on Twitter, Truth Social, Facebook, and YouTube? How do you prevent an employee or family member from doing it on his behalf? Can he still play 18 holes of golf every day?

If prison is in his future, as an ex-president, Trump couldn’t go into the general prison population. Although if he did, he would probably try to get his fellow white supremacist inmates to riot because the warden won’t let him color his hair and apply all those layers of orange makeup to his face anymore.

But even if he did end up in a penitentiary, can you imagine being his cellmate? “Enough already with the stolen election bullshit unless you want a shiv in your cheeseburger-loving gut!”