Today’s zero tolerance outrage, as heard on my show this afternoon: a veteran art teacher in Texas has been let go after he took 89 students on a field trip to an art museum. Afterwards, one parent — one parent!! — complained that their kid had seen a nude sculpture. Despite the principal having okayed the trip, the tight-butted school board decided not to renew the teacher’s contract.

I’ll bet this guy’s a heckuva teacher, and that the other 88 kids got something good out of the museum trip. Instead of firing the teacher, I would have told the complaining parent that their child is banned from all future field trips, to avoid the risk of seeing the human body as it has been captured on canvas and in sculpture for centuries.

While granting that just about anything can stimulate a teenager’s overactive hormones, was this parent really afraid their child would be led down some evil path if he saw brass breasts?