Any interviewer who lets a candidate get away with a bald-faced lie with no followup should be immediately replaced by someone who won’t. I’m talking about you, Matt Lauer.

Update at 9:59pm on 9/7…Lauer deserves all the derision for letting Trump get away with his Iraq lie, but he also missed another huge opportunity. When a service woman in the audience asked about sexual assault and harassment in the military, Trump responded that it was a big problem and had to be addressed.

Here’s what Lauer should have said: If this issue is so important to you, why are you using accused sexual harasser Roger Ailes as an adviser even after he was tossed out of Fox News, which has paid out tens of millions in settlements for his disgrace usting treatment of female employees?

Update at 7:41am on 9/8…Another question Lauer should have asked Trump after he refused to discuss his secret plan for defeating Isis until he’s in the Oval Office: Would you hire an architect who said, “I have a plan for your building, but won’t reveal it till you hire me”?