I couldn’t care less about Jamie Lynn Spears and her baby, but I am bothered by the magazine that paid her a million bucks to put them on the cover and play up her “perfect pregnancy and perfect delivery.”

This girl is 17 years old. She shouldn’t be a mom at that age, and her motherhood is not something that should be portrayed by anyone as a positive. We don’t need any of the girls who watched her on “Zoey 101” following her lead because they think it’s cute and wonderful. What we need are more messages like NBC’s “The Baby Borrowers,” which shows that, while making babies is fun, parenting is tough, but it’s even tougher when you’re not through being a kid yet.

In the Spears’ case, considering the family, reproduction should have been ruled out altogether — just look at the job now-grandma Lynne did in raising Jamie Lynn and sister Britney. What a fine set of role models the three of them make.