The funniest thread on Twitter is people coming up with Beatles song titles with a Jewish twist (call them The Fab Fourskin). I don’t know who started it, but Harry Shearer, Michael Ian Black, Josh Malina, and Michael McKean have all contributed so far. Among the best:

Here Comes the Son, Who Never Calls
A Dayanoo in the Life
Six Days A Week
I Saw Her Standing There, Is That So Wrong?
I Feel Fine. I Mean My Back Is Killing Me But No, I Feel Fine
Norwegian Woody Allen
Sexy Seder
(I Get Chai) With a Little Help From My Semitic Friends
All Things must Passover
Happiness is a Warm Latke
You say L’Chaim, and I say Shalom
Schlep That Weight
You’re Gonna Lose that Goy
Let My People Be
Rabbi Raccoon
I’m Happy Just to Hora With You
Lucy in the Sky with Neil Diamond
Lovely Rita Miederman
Oy-Bla-Di Oy-Bla-Da

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