Julie Garfield, daughter of legendary actor John Garfield, writes about the “witch hunt” that led to his death because he wouldn’t name names during the “Red Scare” in the post-World War II era:

Both the House Un-American Activities Committee and Senator McCarthy’s committee were focused on hunting down as many “Reds” as they could, destroying reputations and careers along the way. Some of those people left the country. Others were able to work only under assumed names. And some, like my father, were hounded to death.

So I cringe when I hear President Trump claim to be the victim of a “witch hunt” because of the FBI’s investigation into Russian interference in one of our most vital rights: free elections.

How ironic that Mr. Trump has adopted the phrase used to criticize the work of his friend and mentor, Roy Cohn. But this investigation is no witch hunt. It is an appropriate, responsible and intelligent response to a hostile act against the nation.

And remember this, Mr. President: You still have your job, your family, your money. And your life.

Read Julie Garfield’s full piece here.