Patton Oswalt is a very funny guy and cinema buff who has hosted many awards shows, but considers himself out of the running to do the big one:

I care about movies a lot. I’d love to host The Oscars. But I shouldn’t host The Oscars. Not this year. Later, I hope.

But right now — and here’s where I’m going to scrape my front bumper against politics for a second, so all of you alt-right swamp-ferrets who hate me yet for some sad, lonely reason all follow me get yer typo-heavy comments ready — it’s not time for a plump, comfy cis white male to host The Oscars….

When I hosted the WGA Awards last year, I pleaded during my opening monologue that NEXT year’s WGA Awards needed to be a woman or POC or LGBTQ or all three or ANYTHING but another straight white male. Us straight white males, despite what certain Twitter accounts say, are doing fine. Our power has dropped from 99% control of everything under the sun to 96.4% control of everything under the sun. We’re hanging on by our fingernails but with a little gumption and can-do spirit we’ll make it.

So I’m flattered by all of the support and Twitter love I’ve been getting, but seriously, not this year. And maybe not soon.

Read Oswalt’s full piece here.