Drew Magary thinks Donald Trump wants to lose a contested convention:

You don’t need to be some insane truther to believe that Trump’s entire campaign was a publicity stunt that has spiraled out of control. One of his former strategists has said as much. That crummy ground game of his? Not only is it a sign of laziness (and Trump is very lazy), but it’s also a clear signal that Trump never expected to get this far and probably didn’t want to. Trump is a ribbon cutter. He shows up for the Grand Opening, and then never returns. That’s his deal. He doesn’t do details.

Of course, Trump can’t drop out of the race now. He’s come too far and built up a visibly insane following that is, frankly, too loyal. He can’t quit without pissing those yahoos off. Do you know what they’ll DO to Trump if he quits? They’ll take his fucking scalp.

But if Trump loses at the convention? Oh, that’s perfect. Not only does chickenshit Trump get to slither out of the race, but he can spend the rest of his life bitching that he was “robbed” of the nomination while secretly relishing his getaway. Trump is always droning on and on about winning, but his obsession is merely with LOOKING like he’s a success and not actually BEING one. Winning is a branding exercise for him. If the Republican party pries the nomination out of his stubby, cocktail-frank fingers, he can say that he technically “won,” and then slip out the Quicken Loans Arena fire escape in disgust, leaving a mob of angry voters and tattered party platforms behind him.

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