My friend Nolan Dalla has a piece about how Donald Trump reminds him of Archie Bunker. He runs down some of the similarities, and ends with these two differences:

Archie Bunker was a lower-middle-class working man who often struggled financially, but always somehow found a way to make ends meet. Donald Trump was born into great wealth, blew his vast fortune multiple times on idiotic business deals, and in the end was finally left with no other option than to hawk his name to try and sell products.

Archie Bunker held onto many outdated opinions. But he also revealed tremendous empathy for everyone, even those he viewed with suspicion. Many episodes of All in the Family showed Archie’s softer side, usually after he was taught a lesson about the wrongs of bigotry and sexism. Meanwhile, Trump hasn’t learned any lessons at all. He appears to have no empathy for others, particularly those he views as his adversaries. Archie had and often showed compassion. Trump shows no compassion, especially towards those he considers weak.

Read Nolan’s full piece here.