Veteran radio programmer Darryl Parks thinks this year’s presidential election will mark the end of right-wing talk radio:

Conservative talk radio and the Republican party are connected, once again trying to energize their common “base.” Each are equally disconnected to generational changes, ethnic and demographic changes and generally the world around them. Each comfortably exists in an echo chamber of stale talking points, opinions and ideas, insecure in their beliefs, distrustful of any thoughts that may differ.

The problem is their common “base,” the angry 65+ year old white male, is shrinking and not the future for either’s survival. Their “base” is dropping dead and they refuse to acknowledge it or adjust accordingly.

Some conservative talk radio hosts love Donald Trump talking about how he’s going to make things great again. Again? A slogan that romanticizes the past? This may give the “base” and these hosts some comfort, but nothing is going to stop change. Nothing ever stops change.

Donald Trump is a master at manipulating the media. He understands ratings are what counts and the media loves him for it. Trump is making a typically boring presidential campaign great reality television. Successful political campaigns are entertaining and Trump knows this.

Many conservative talk radio hosts have gone all in on Trump and most haven’t thought about their exit strategy should he lose.

Read Parks’ full piece here — especially the part about the big talk radio stars who, in the equivalent of music payola, have been sold their voices to the highest bidders.