Here’s a story that’s destined to be turned into a movie. It’s the tale of the $7.2 million Brinks heist in Miami in 2005, as told by its mastermind, Karls Monzon, to Salon’s Jessica Lipsky…

Just as the group arrived at the Brinks warehouse, they heard sirens and saw a van full of U.S. Customs police speed toward the post office building — just in front of their target. Boatwright, who was driving, slowed down to watch the action and wait for the police to leave, but the presence of police shook everyone up. Boatwright and Perera wanted to go home.

“I just put my foot down,” Monzon said, telling his team. “This has to get done and don’t worry about distractions.”

Ironically, the police had created the perfect setup for Monzon and his crew. By the time Monzon had convinced Perera and Boatwright to continue with the robbery, around 3 p.m., the bag exchange was underway at the warehouse. “That’s when we decided to go around and jump out and go inside the warehouse because…there was no security. It was just open. They can walk to the tarmac and nobody is going to stop you.”

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