Dr. Jen Gunter went to Gwyneth Paltrow’s “In Goop Health” event last weekend and wrote up a long recap of what she saw and heard. The audience was made up of women with an average age of 40 who could afford to pay $650 to be subjected to pseudoscience and paranormal prattle at its worst. Most of the speakers, of course, had a book to sell, and Gunter does a good job of debunking the nonsense they were promoting. My favorite is this one:

Then the worst person of the day emerged, Anita Moorjani. She told everyone that she died from lymphoma and her brain was dead, like dead, dead, dead. Rotting, mush dead. And yet she was conscious and decided to heal herself. She was once healthy and even took supplements and yet she got cancer (supplements increase your risk of cancer, by the way). However, Anita Moorjani got cancer because she feared cancer! Then her dead, dead, dead brain figured it out and she came back from that beautiful place to pass on the message that fear kills and love saves. She told us the following:

  • If you follow your passion life takes care of itself.
  • Your body is smart, it will heal naturally.
  • It is easier being dead than alive.
  • When children pass away it is because they chose to come as a gift and then leave. If they leave sooner that you as a parent would like, well, that was the gift the universe thought was right for you.
  • You can heal cancer with love.
  • You get sick because your life is not going in the right direction and you are not living enough and are fearful.

Moorjani wants us to believe that love from her dead brain cured the lymphoma that she had refused to treat for over three years (she didn’t mention the part about turning down conventional therapy). She was admitted to the ICU when she was dead, dead, dead (she wasn’t medically dead, she was in a coma) and funny enough she didn’t tell us about the chemotherapy she received. Small plot point, don’t cha think?

Read Gunter’s full piece here.

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