From Elaine Chaney’s piece, “7 Unexpected Moments That Remind You You’re Getting Older“…

Imagine getting hammered, going home and just falling asleep on the floor, the recliner, the bathroom floor, a throw pillow or in an impossible position, and actually sleeping? I did this more times in college than I can count, and I remember waking up the next day feeling just fine. Now, sleeping on a futon is like a nightmare. What sadistic weirdo thought sleeping on something that’s barely thicker than a sweatshirt was a good idea? The last time I thought I could pull off sleeping on a futon, I woke up the next day and felt like I had gotten zero sleep. There was also a wonderful pinching/numbing sensation in the middle of my back. What the hell happened?

Being almost 40 happened. An age when sometimes even your bed isn’t comfortable enough, and you get a serious crick in your neck if someone steals your firm pillow (looking at you, husband dear). And as for feeling refreshed after a couple hours of sleep, that has become such a distant memory that I’m not even sure it was a real thing to begin with.

Read Chaney’s full piece here.

[thanks to Frank Ladd for the link]