America Moves Forward: Not only do we have the first African-American with a real chance to become President but, in Joe Biden, we may also elect the first Vice President with hair plugs.

Is Obama’s choice of Biden a replay of JFK making LBJ his running mate? In both cases, you have a young, charismatic, energetic presidential candidate who needs a veteran legislator to give the ticket some gravitas. Or is it Dubya choosing Cheney (make that “Cheney choosing Cheney”).

When the Obama campaign sent out the Biden text message, did they choose to do it at 3am as a jab at those Hillary Clinton “…a phone rings at 3am…” commercials?

Chuck Hagel, the anti-war Republican Senator from Nebraska, said, “An Obama-Biden ticket is a very impressive and strong team. Biden’s selection is good news for Obama and America.” Will the Dems use him as a counterbalance to Joe Lieberman and invite him to speak at their convention?

It was funny to see the news networks scrambling to cover the Biden story late last night after the AP broke it. All the star anchors, reporters, and pundits had gone home, and had to resort to calling in and expressing their opinions while the control room put up their head shots and endless video loops of previous occasions where Obama and Biden had appeared together. Give CNN credit for dragging Larry King into the studio at midnight central time to do an hour, while Fox got Shepard Smith behind the anchor desk, and MSNBC had to resort to Keith Olbermann and Chuck Todd on the phone.

In all but one presidential election, Delaware has voted for the winner. Does the country follow the state, or vice versa?