Chris Bliss is the man behind, the organization that’s trying to get Bill Of Rights Monuments built. Until two years ago, there wasn’t a single plaque or other tribute to those basic constitutional freedoms. Now there’s one in a small Iowa town square, and Chris continues to work on something bigger — a multi-million dollar project in Austin, Texas, in front of that state’s Supreme Court and adjacent to its Capitol grounds.

He has received approval from the legislators, designers, and developers, and is now in full fund-raising mode, but he’s hit an online snag. In his efforts to spread the word via social media, he has a problem with Facebook. For some reason, they won’t let their users link to, claiming the site contains “abusive content.” Of course, it doesn’t, and Chris can’t get anyone from Facebook to explain to him — via e-mail or on the phone — what they found objectionable.

The irony is that one of the first rights guaranteed by the Bill Of Rights is the freedom of speech, but Facebook won’t let Chris use their platform to promote a monument to that great document. As Chris explained to me today on KTRS/St. Louis, the hypocrisy goes deeper than that. Facebook has no problem with having a Facebook account and page, as long as it doesn’t link to itself!

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