Several thoughts crossed my mind last night after hearing about the death of Gerald Ford.

One was that he was the first President of the 1970s. You ask how that’s possible, since he didn’t move into the Oval Office until Nixon resigned in August, 1974? It’s because that event marked the end of The Sixties for many of us, just as that decade had started with the assassination of JFK and the arrival of the Beatles. Then the 70s lasted until the hostages came home and the Reagan Era began the 1980s.

The other was that I had to invite Bob Greene back to my show to tell some of the stories of the time he spent with Ford while writing his book, “Fraternity: A Journey in Search of Five Presidents.” Fortunately, Bob made time in his schedule to talk with me about Ford as everyman, how he handled himself in his post-presidential years, and how he dealt with his image as a bumbling stumbler.

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