I’m always intrigued by interesting people talking about how they do what they do for a living. So is Mike Sacks, who had conversations with 21 comedy writers to learn about how they create, which he has compiled in “And Here’s The Kicker.”

Buck Henry talked about “The Graduate” and his multiple appearances on “Saturday Night Live.” Harold Ramis talked about “SCTV” and “Caddyshack.” Merrill Markoe talked about her years with David Letterman. Marshall Brickman discussed his years with Woody Allen. Sacks also got Robert Smigel, Larry Gelbart, Dick Cavett, Larry Wilmore, Dave Barry, and Stephen Merchant to open up about their profession and offer some advice for those who may want to follow in their paths.

Some of these stories have been told before, but many are new, and there’s some depth to the discussions that I hadn’t seen previously. Good stuff.