Brett Darrow, now infamous for his run-in with St. George Police Sgt. James Kuehnlein two weeks ago, was back on my show this afternoon for an update about another police encounter.

This one involved a female officer who accused him of making an illegal u-turn in the city of St. Louis. Brett had his video camera rolling that night, too, and took the evidence to court, ready for trial. Unfortunately, the officer didn’t show up to face that (for the second time), so the judge dismissed the case.

I also asked Brett about posts on some online bulletin boards either about him or by him. On at least one CopTalk board, there have been some very ugly things said about Brett, allegedly by members of the law enforcement community (many have been removed by the moderators). On the other hand, some of them claim that Brett has made some very negative comments about certain officers, including the late Norvelle Brown. Brett admits posting on, but denies saying those things about Officer Brown.

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Moments after this conversation, word came down that Sgt. Kuehnlein has been given a letter of termination by the city of St. George.