Three guys at The Motley Fool have put together a list of candidates for Car Czar, including:

Mitt Romney

  • Pros: Experienced businessman; successful politician; perfect head of hair.
  • Cons: Hair too perfect. Most likely part of a costume to disguise long-suspected fact that he is a robot. Robots have eliminated enough Detroit jobs already.

Rod Blagojevich

  • Pros: Illinois governor has demonstrated an uncanny appetite for cutting deals; likely to be freed of current responsibilities very soon.
  • Cons: “Car Czar” required to show up for work. Cannot telecommute from prison.

Lee Iacocca

  • Pros: Beloved car-industry exec from era when bailouts worked; can do his own TV commercials.
  • Cons: Iacocca’s former trademark commercial pitch line — “If you can find a better car, buy it!” — seems to have resonated a little too deeply with the American public.

See the whole list — including Madonna, Richard Petty, and RoboCop — here.