Here’s my conversation with Cara Drinan, law professor at Catholic University, about her book, “The War On Kids: How American Juvenile Justice Lost Its Way.” Among the topics we discussed:

  • What’s wrong with the way our justice system handles cases involving juveniles?
  • At what age should a teenager be treated as an adult?
  • Were things different in previous generations?
  • How much of this is part of the War On Drugs? How much is racial?
  • What does she mean when she says in the book there is a subclass of kids in US who we have deemed expendable;
  • Are judges hands’ tied by mandatory minimums, or do they have discretion? Do they use it wisely?
  • What happens to these kids in adult prison, particularly when they’re in for decades?
  • How unlikely is it laws will change for the better when no candidate wants to be seen as soft on crime?

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