Gregg Allman

Harris: Gregg Allman is on the line now from Lafayette, Louisiana. He’s coming to our town this Saturday to play at the Ballroom and he’s got a new album out called Searching for Simplicity, and I’m happy to have him. Hi, Gregg! Allman: Hi! How ya doing, Paul? Harris: Thanks for taking some time out […]

Mick Fleetwood

Harris: We’re happy to welcome back to our guest line Mick Fleetwood, who about a year ago was on with us and I said, “How are things going, are you in touch with the rest of the band?” And he said, “Yeah, Lindsey and I have been working on something and we’ve been talking to […]

Bob Greene

Harris: Bob Greene is absolutely one of the best columnists in America. He writes several times a week for the Chicago Tribune, and has just come out with his 17th book, Chevrolet Summers and Dairy Queen Nights. It is a pleasure to have you back, Bob. Greene: Thanks very much. I appreciate it. Harris: Before […]

Brett Leake

Harris: And I’m joined on the guest microphone now by comedian Brett Leake, who last year stepped in at the last minute to give a terrific performance at The Paul Harris Comedy Concert for Children’s Hospital and who is in town tonight to work at The Improv. On his way to The Improv, he was […]

Wendy Liebman

Harris: We are happy to welcome the woman who will be headlining The Paul Harris Comedy Concert For Children’s Hospital on December 8th, a woman who was named Funniest Standup Comic at the American Comedy Awards. Here’s Wendy Liebman. Hi, Wendy! Liebman: Am I the fifth caller? Harris: You are! Come down and get your […]

Bill Maher

Harris: Joining us now is a guy we’ve known for a long, long time. When we first met him, he was a stand up comedian, then he had his own show on cable, then he went network and now he is the 90th most powerful person in Hollywood. Here’s Bill Maher from ABC’s Politically Incorrect. […]