The Kuykendall family and their friends have been getting death threats on their cell phones, even when the phones were off, and even when they got new phones. Some of the threats included recordings made while the phones were off and information about what the families were doing in private.

This is a remarkable — and scary — story, which the authorities are still trying to solve. Like me, you’re probably thinking no one could pull this off, because phones can’t be hijacked that way. Wrong! It’s real, as described today on my show by reporter Sean Robinson of the Tacoma News-Tribune. Listen.

Two days later, Robinson was back on my show with an update on the families who have had their cell phones hijacked, with death threats issued against them, and weird voice mails and text messages sent, even when their phones were turned off. And it’s gotten worse — now the stalking has expanded to friends and neighbors.

Authorities still can’t figure out how it’s being done, or who is doing it, but Robinson has talked to a tech expert who has a theory. Listen, then click here to subscribe to these podcasts via iTunes!