This is the best e-mail I’ve received in a long while, from listener Matt Johnson:

Paul, just read your comments regarding Manson and the sanctity of marriage.

Several years ago I was listening to your show as you discussed gay marriage. At the time, if pressed for an answer, I guess I would say I was more or less on the fence when it came to gay marriage. As part of your show, you invited listeners to call in and give you an example of how their lives would be different if gays were allowed to marry. Of course, absolutely no one could come up with anything resembling a valid answer.

Listening to you and the callers, I started to question myself as to why I even had any doubts about it. And again, I couldn’t come up with any real valid concerns. I was a little ashamed of myself for having harbored any doubts. From that day forward I have always been a vocal proponent of gay marriage.

I just wanted you to know that the simple little exercise you carried out on the air that day changed at least one mind on the issue. And I am grateful.

So am I, Matt. Thanks for writing, and for listening!