This is the episode of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee where Jerry Seinfeld visits President Obama at the White House. Both men are quite funny, casual, and clever — as is a uniformed Secret Service agent who won’t let them leave the grounds — and the 1963 Corvette they ride in is pretty cool (you can tell I’m not a car guy). I took particular note of some of the questions about minutia that Seinfeld asked, like whether Obama has a drawer full of underwear that’s all the same brand and color. That may seem silly until you realize it’s the kind of thing Seinfeld does for a living — he examines the minutia of life and turns those observations into comedy.

Today, Ken Jennings posted the best comment about the episode on Twitter, suggesting to Seinfeld:

 Maybe don’t drive the president around in a car whose license plate says “1963.” It wasn’t the BEST year for presidents in cars.