I’ve only been on Twitter (as “paulharrisshow”) for about six months, but recently discovered some very funny stuff there. I don’t know who starts it, but someone comes up with an idea for everyone to contribute to, and within minutes, there are hundreds of responses posted.

For instance, yesterday, someone came up with the concept of Cow Films and posted it with a hashtag (#cowfilms), which you then add to your own entries or can search for to see a long list of everyone else’s. If it’s not apparent, Cow Films are well-known movie titles that have been turned into cattle-related puns. The first one I saw was posted by Jon Favreau (of “Swingers” and “Iron Man”), who posted “Rambovine,” “Moolander,” and “Kindergarten Calf.”

Almost instantly, the Twitterverse was at work, coming up with:

Apocalypse Cow
Bridget Jones’ Dairy
Grazing Arizona
Die An Udder Day
No Pasture For Old Cows
There Will Be Cud
Return of the Ribeye
The Man Who Moo Too Much
The Pelican Beef
To Sirloin With Love
Steer Trek
There’s Something About Dairy
Seven Brides For Seven Udders
Steak The Money and Run
Full Leather Jacket
One Moo Over A Cuckoo’s Nest
Sergeant Milko
The Bull Monty
That Thing You Moo
Beauty And The Beef
A Streetcow Named Desire
Cattleship Potemkin
Steaks On A Plane
Good Will Milking
Bonnie and Hide
Heifer Can Wait
Waking Ned Bovine
The Day The Herd Stood Still
Monty Python and the Holstein Grail
Lars and the Veal Girl
Cat On A Hot Tin Hoof

More are being added every minute, as you can see here.