David Pogue of Yahoo Tech joined me on KTRS to talk about how hackers got those nude photos of female celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Rhianna, Kate Upton, and Kirsten Dunst from their supposedly secure iCloud accounts. He explained that this wasn’t a problem with Apple’s security, but a problem with the security questions connected to their passwords, which diligent hackers were able to figure out and exploit.

David also explained how you can make your own online accounts — not just iCloud users — more secure, although there’s very little chance that a hacker wants your data (if they wouldn’t care about you with your clothes on, odds are unlikely they’re looking for photos of you with your clothes off).

Then we discussed what to expect next week when Apple announces its new iPhone 6, from the look of the phone to the features that may be part of the iOS8 operating system inside (which will also work for 4s and 5 series iPhones). I also asked David about Apple getting involved with digital payment systems (using your phone like a credit card) and wearable devices like an iWatch.

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