If you have an iPhone 4S, you probably don’t know all the cool stuff it can do because Apple didn’t give you a manual. There’s isn’t a complete guide to the iPhone in the box or on the website. Fortunately, NY Times personal tech columnist David Pogue has one for you — it’s his “iPhone: The Missing Manual,” which he has just updated for the newest version (and the iOS 5.0 operating system you may have on an earlier version of the iPhone or the iPad).

Today on my show, Pogue revealed some of the features Apple didn’t tell you about, including:

  • how to use Siri to learn who’s in your family to make it easier to text and call them;
  • how to take a picture even faster without digging through several screens;
  • how using the iPhone’s voice-recognition software makes driving safer;
  • how “assisted touch” makes using iPhone easier for the disabled and non-disabled;
  • how Apple’s phone technology compares with what Google’s Android phones can do.

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