Dean Obeidallah is a Muslim-American comedian, writer for The Daily Beast and CNN, director of “The Muslims Are Coming,” and host of a new weekly program that debuts Saturday on SiriusXM. I asked him to join me on KTRS to discuss his perspective, as both a Muslim and a satirist, on the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris. I asked him:

  • Do the cartoons offend you?
  • Does the Koran say you can’t show a picture or caricature of Mohammed?
  • What do you think of media outlets that don’t show the magazine’s cartoon’s for safety reasons?
  • How do you answer people like Rupert Murdoch who say it’s on moderate Muslims to condemn and combat Muslim extremists?
  • What do comedians in the Middle East tell you about how they handle these issues on stage?

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Dean’s latest Daily Beast piece is “Are All Terrorists Muslims? It’s Not Even Close.”