Dr. Phil Plait, a/k/a The Bad Astronomer, joined me on KIRO/Seattle today to talk about his new book, “Death From The Skies: These Are The Ways The World Will End.”

We talked about how to keep asteroids from slamming into our planet and annihilating civilization (and whether we could just blow them up a la “Armageddon”), the risk of being fried by gamma ray bursts, solar flares, and more. I also asked him about universal events that make astronomers say, “I didn’t know that could happen,” and we discussed the obstacles in NASA’s course towards a possible manned mission to Mars.

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Phil’s Bad Astronomy Blog is one of the most-read science sites online. As one of the leading advocates for the skeptical movement, he has been named the new president of the James Randi Educational Foundation.

You can buy “Death From The Skies” here.