I have to be careful what I say about this in open session, but here we go…

While nothing former FBI Director James Comey said today on Capitol Hill will change anything about Trump’s presidency, one moment stood out. It was when Comey was asked why he started writing extensive notes after his very first meeting with then-President-Elect Trump, and then all subsequent meetings, as well. Comey replied, “Because I thought he might lie.”

Nailed it!

However, today’s proceedings, which were expected to include such huge bombshells that multiple networks carried the hearing simultaneously, didn’t provide any such ammunition. The ball now sits in the hands of special prosecutor Bob Mueller, and we’ll see if he can uncover anything new and definitive.

Still, for Democratic loyalists — who detest Trump so much they were sure he’d be removed from office by January 30th — the last 9 months (has it only been that long?), have provided a roller-coaster of emotions:

  • Last fall: James Comey is responsible for Hillary losing the election. He has to go!
  • This spring: James Comey is gone because Trump fired him. That’s obstruction of justice!
  • Yesterday: When James Comey testifies tomorrow, he’s going to bring down the whole Trump administration!
  • Today: Okay, not so much.