I stopped watching “The Apprentice” after its first season, so I didn’t see the new one debut last night. But a listener named Greg did, and e-mailed his outrage about it to me this morning. What do you think? Add your comments below.

The great Donald Trump is a bigot.

No, not in the traditional “politically correct” way as to trash African Americans, Women, and other ethnic minorities, but in the old fashioned way of treating European immigrants different than everyone else.

This season, he has a businessman from Russia on the show named Lenny who has a moderately Russian accent (you immediately know he is was not born in the USA).

In the boardroom, Lenny is not referred to by name. He is referred to as “the Russian”, as in: “What about the Russian, did he do a good job?” “Would you keep the Russian or would you keep Mary?”

I’m paraphrasing as I don’t remember the exact quotes, but I do know he keeps referring to Lenny as “the Russian”.

One Question: Last year’s winner was an African American named Randall. If Donald Trump had said one time: What about the black guy, did he pull his weight?” I don’t think I’d have to point this out to you because the firestorm would have been immediate!

Keep in mind that calling someone a Russian or an African American is not derogatory in and of itself. However, in this instance, you de-humanize the person because everyone else is referred to by name while you are singled out as “that person who speaks differently”.

Is this a big deal? Depends on your point of view. But bigotry and racism against a person with an accent should not be tolerated any more or any less than some of the more “popular” forms of racism.

I can tell you this. Lenny will not win The Apprentice as Trump has already decided he doesn’t like him based on who he is, not what he does.