This is the best piece on American elections I’ve read in a very long time. I say that because I agree with every word of it. It’s written by Nolan Dalla who, in addition to being media director of the World Series Of Poker, is a prolific writer who has started blogging regularly. You have to read the whole thing, entitled “Our Leaders Are Elected By Morons,” but here’s an excerpt:

Morons are often easy to identify. They don’t read books. They don’t read newspapers. They don’t watch news shows. They can’t bothered with any complex details about any issue whatsoever. For these people, everything has to be reduced to the equivalent of screaming “amen” at a church revival.

Occasionally, some news does manage to penetrate their skulls, so long as it airs on Entertainment Tonight or SportsCenter. They know more about the life of a Kardashian or the starting quarterback of their favorite football team than anyone who holds elected office. They don’t spend a single second thinking about issues, but they have an opinion on just about everything.

They’re the first to start chanting “U-S-A! U-S-A!” whenever an American athlete competes against someone from another country. They’re the first to gloat that “America is the greatest country in the world,” even though they’ve never actually traveled overseas. They’re the first to attack anyone who dares to question the conventional view of America’s role in the world, equivocating dissent with treason. They think of themselves as true patriots.
In reality, they’re phonies and frauds. And, they’re dangerous.

I have a message for all these morons who lack political conviction and who are void of anything that could possibly be construed as a personal philosophy. Listen carefully. My message is this — DON’T VOTE!

I swear. I will have more respect for you for sitting this one out rather than pretending that you really care. If you can’t spend as much time thinking about the future of your country as deciding what you’re going to order off the lunch menu at the Olive Garden, we don’t need you cluttering up the lines on election day and diluting the end results with your ignorance.