John Ryan writes,

Yesterday after work I went to the Scott Trade Center to pick up some hockey tickets. I made good time and got down there at 4:00. I knew there was no hockey game but figured even if there was an evening event it wouldn’t impact me. Au contraire, mon ami. My first clue that something was amiss came when I encountered some pretty heavy traffic approaching the Center. Then when I noticed the parking spaces for picking up tickets were full. And all the cars double-parked in front of the Center were yet another clue, to say nothing of the TV and radio vans with their remote antennas extended. Did the Blues just acquire Sydney Crosby? Alenander Ovechkin? Were the Blues sold again? LaRussa hired as coach? Not so much I discovered, as I came upon a giant pink bus parked on the sidewalk in front of the Center. Hannah Montana!Instead of a quick in and out to pick up some hockey tickets, I ended up knee high in 7 and 8 year girls. There was a mom with her kids outside the center trying to buy tickets on the street. I was tempted to introduce her to the word “NO”. Inside the ticket area was wall to wall little girls, their seemingly adolescent mothers, and a handful of hapless fathers. I felt like I had just entered the Twilight Zone. One mother put a move on me for the ticket window that rivaled Karia cutting to the crease. At any rate thanks to the intervention of an usher I was able to escape, my masculinity intact, tickets in hand. As I walked away I made the mistake of counting my tickets and overheard a mom commenting on how many I had. YIPES! She thought I had Hannah Montana tickets! I picked up my pace convinced that I was about to be mugged by a hysterical Hannah Montana Mamma. Somehow I went to a hockey game and a Hannah Montana concert broke out just doesn’t have the right ring to it. What is the world coming to?