Here’s my conversation with Eddy Harris, who paddled a canoe down the 2,500-mile length of Mississippi River, and made a movie about his adventure, “River To The Heart.” It will be shown at The Tivoli on Saturday, November 4th, as part of the St. Louis International Film Festival.

Among the questions I asked him:

  • You did this 30 years ago — why do it again?
  • How did you avoid barges and other water traffic, and deal with locks and dams?
  • How has the river changed since your first time, and did you see the impact of climate change?
  • Did other people join you in their canoes?
  • Did anyone offer you food and a place to sleep?
  • What were the small towns like along the way?
  • Does the river still serve as a racial divide as it did in the past?
Were those Asian Carp jumping out of the water and into your boat real or CGI?

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