Yesterday, I posted this on my Twitter feed

  • Creationists want equal time vs. Neil deGrasse Tyson’s “Cosmos.” You can have it as soon as every TV preacher gives equal time to atheists.

Not long after, someone created the #CreationistCosmos hashtag, and the tweets rolled in…

  • Next on #CreationistCosmos: How God selects which sports team will win and which athlete to support.
  • Tonight on #CreationistCosmos: The Flintstones — Fred and Wilma’s challenges with raising Dino in a prehistoric world.
  • Next on #CreationistCosmos” Adam explains to Cain and Abel “How I Met Your Mother” – the story really IS legendary.
  • Tonight on #CreationistCosmos” Kirk Cameron notices that when you high-five someone, God has given you exactly 5 fingers with which to do it!
  • Did jesus REALLY just take MH370 into his heavenly arms? Don Lemon and Sean Hannity break it down on tonight’s #CreationistCosmos.
  • Next week on #CreationistCosmos: Todd Akin explains the science behind women’s ability to “shut that whole thing down.”
  • Next on #CreationistCosmos: we explain why there has only been one talking snake ever.
  • Tonight on #CreationistCosmos: we’ll make a woman out of some dude’s rib.
  • On the next #CreationistCosmos: we’ll examine how the stars were formed HAHAHAHA JK IT WAS GOD, GOD DID IT. BIBLE. SHUT UP.