You’d think an adult in a position of authority would know this rule: no writing on your face. But Donna Jones, one of the geniuses on the St. Louis School Board, who is opposed to the state taking over the failing school district, showed up at the board meeting last night with the words “No State Takeover” written on her face — in permanent marker.

When you think about it, Jones had to have an accomplice, since it’s not that easy to write on your face backwards. That means there was another adult who thought “hey, this is a good idea!” and helped her do it.

If your child came to the dinner table with words written across her face, you’d send her to the bathroom to wash them off. And I bet your kid would be smart enough to not use permanent marker (if she did, you’d be in that bathroom, too, with sandpaper).

Jones pulled off this stunt to get publicity, so let’s give it to her — accompanied by the shame I’m sure she doesn’t feel at going out in front of the public like that.