Dear Governor Palin,

How’s that abstinence-only education you promote for Alaska’s schools working out? Will your daughter Bristol be doing any student-teaching on the subject this year?

To those of your supporters who cry foul and demand “hands off the family,” this is not about the teenage girl — it’s about her mother and how your failed policy has literally come home to roost.

I wonder what you and your conservative demagogues would say if the pre-natal shoe was on the other foot. If Ashley Biden, the Democratic veep candidate’s 27-year-old daughter, was pregnant with an out-of-wedlock child, would the extremist right leave it alone? Of course not.

The fact that your daughter is ten years younger than Ashley makes it a story worth addressing.

By the way, if there’s nothing wrong with Bristol being pregnant, why did you keep it a secret, only revealing it after the blogosphere did some digging?

Smirking America