Wendell Potter spent 20 years as a public relations executive for two large health insurance companies before he became so disenchanted that he quit his job and began to speak out in favor of health care reform and against the corporate greed he had witnessed. I spoke to him on KIRO/Seattle about the battle between the reformers and the industry he left behind, including:

  • Whether the public option would really hurt the industry, and the irony of all these politicians who oppose it while they (and their staffs) are covered by a government-run insurance plan;
  • How Republicans in Congress use fear and talking points provided by the insurance industry;
  • What message he would send to Democrats in Congress to help save health care reform;
  • Why the insurance industry would love to have an individual mandate passed;
  • How much of your insurance premium goes to doctors, nurses, and hospitals.

Potter is now Senior Fellow on Health Care at the Center for Media & Democracy.

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