This week on my Final Table poker radio show, Dennis Phillips and I talked with Annie Duke about why she has ended her relationship with, the online poker site that had sponsored her for the last 9 years. She dispelled some of the rumors that have spread since the announcement of her departure, as well as Phil Hellmuth’s, and what they’ll do next. Annie also discussed speculation that UB is going to sign Prahlad Friedman, a move that surprised many in the poker community because he was the highest-profile victim of the cheating scandal at UB several years ago.

Then we spoke with Linda Johnson, nicknamed The First Lady Of Poker for her long service to the game. Johnson has won a World Series Of Poker bracelet, published Card Player magazine, organized Card Player Cruises, worked for the World Poker Tour, co-founded the Tournament Directors Association, and helped start the charitable organization Linda shared stories about:

  • how tournaments have changed from the first time she played (when she was the only woman in the field) to today;
  • why she didn’t recognize Robert Duvall, Jason Alexander, Tobey Maguire, and Macauley Culkin when they showed up a celebrity events;
  • why the poker cruises always stop the games at dinner time
  • what the TDA can do about deep stack tournaments that offer too much play.

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